Our Services

We have a range of professional services to support your next event, project or development needs.

Xmirus provides specialist consultancy services to the property, event and construction industry’s within Australia and globally. We work in a wide range of sectors, both private and public on a diverse range of projects.

Superintendent & Independent Certification

Xmirus provides Superintendent and Independent Certification services to ensure that the contractual rights of parties involved are effectively managed regardless of the size; or complexity of a project. The aim of the service is to mitigate any potential risk of financial and consequential loss, and address conflicts that may cause project delays.

Within the Xmirus Superintendent & Independent Certification service we look to:

  • Assist the parties to interpret their contractual rights and obligations;
  • Independently assess and determine contractual disputes between parties;
  • Determine and identify variations and extensions of time claims;
  • Arbitrate compliance across the scope, quality, time and costs of a project;
  • Determine adherence to project milestones;
  • Certify practical completions; and
  • Identify defects and rectification methodologies.

Contract & Procurement Strategic Advice

Xmirus work collaboratively with Clients and third parties to develop procurement and contract strategies aligned to project briefings that identify and detail implementation requirements, all whilst factoring market conditions, risks and constraints.

Contract & Procurement Strategic Advice services provided by Xmirus are designed to provide for:

  • The development and implementation of key project briefing inputs;
  • A collection of relevant project data based on industry knowledge;
  • The preparation of implementation and procurement strategies that account for desired outcome stages and milestones; and
  • The modelling of client objectives against procurement options and market constraints and risks/benefits.

Expert Witness, Claims & Dispute Resolution

Xmirus experts provide witness, claim and dispute resolution services in both a reactive manner when issues arise, as well as proactively through the establishment of monitoring and provisions.

We understand clients want piece of mind, and look to assist by providing solutions that allow for:

  • The establishment of processes based on contractual provisions;
  • Monitoring and collection of information relevant for claims or disputes, including the recording of potential disputes; and
  • The negotiation of claims and settlements, as well as the supportive identification of issues, best/worst case scenarios, etc.

Strategic Business Advice

Xmirus’ Strategic Business Advice services are designed to provide guidance on all facets of business operations including tangible and intangible issues that arise which may impact budgets, time allocations, benefits to business and profitability.

Through sound and experienced advice and consultation we look to:

  • Engage with business stakeholders to identify challenges;
  • Review and address tangible and intangible issues as they arise within projects;
  • Provide advice and implement ‘next step’ strategies and actions designed to address current and future matters;
  • Conduct management studies to understand compliance costings and requirements whilst researching and aligning to relevant government and environmental legislation;
  • Undertake resource planning activities that include resource usage and productivity reporting;
  • Identify asset financial management objectives, and provide strategies and assessments;
  • Coordinate sales, capital gains, stamp duties and land tax assessments, as well as complete full appraisals across local authority, strata scheme and tenancy reinstatement; and
  • Develop, lodge and manage purchase, acquisition, replacement cost estimate requirements.

Sports & Events Consulting

The Xmirus team possesses a wealth of experience in providing a range of bespoke services for major global and domestic events, and has consulted on multiple Olympic, Commonwealth, Pan American, European and Asian Games Bids and Event Delivery.

For organising committees, host countries, governments and venue owners we provide:

  • Assistance to venue Legacy, Infrastructure and Operations groups in the development of budgets and design management processes; and strategies and advice focused on controlling, managing and monitoring overlay and operational costs to ensure agreed budgetary and time-frame compliance;
  • Commercial cost management during the implementation of the Event whether as part of a legacy, temporary or reusable venue; and
  • Briefing on materials that define specific criteria with respect to performance, quality expectations, functional requirements, environmental sustainability and re-usable assets in alignment with recurrent costs and budgets.

Whole of Life Project Financial Management

At Xmirus we believe that our holistic Whole of Life Project Financial Management approach ensures Clients receive complete visibility and adaptive control over the economic, financial and budgetary components within their project lifecycle.

Our approach ensures relevant financial and economic data can be identified, analysed and tuned transparently across stakeholders at any stage of a development – from scoping, formulating and evaluating tenders at the start of a project through to life-cycle procurement planning, progressive financial reporting and change management requirements.

Key within the Xmirus Whole of Life Project Financial Management service is our ability to:

  • Collect and analyse relevant economic and financial data across the entire project lifecycle – irrespective of whether a project be a construction, property development or major event;
  • Provide input into and develop comprehensive project briefing;
  • Conduct feasibility analysis inclusive of establishing project objectives and communications with Clients and consultants;
  • Undertake construction economics analysis and evaluations, as well as identify implementation and procurement planning in alignment with project stage outcomes;
  • Analyse financial and non-financial returns, market cycles and supply/demand statistics in conjunction with inflation and interest rate projections;
  • Evaluate and recommend project delivery systems;
  • Undertake constructability analysis, as well as review and make recommendations of optimal construction methods in alignment with project timelines, budgets and quality objectives;
  • Analyse, evaluate and advise on alternate and appropriate design solutions;
  • Undertake tendering process management, and contractor and third-party selection and contracting;
  • Perform comprehensive financial audits, monitor potential risk factors and provide progressive and periodic financial reports;
  • Develop schedules and implement project reporting systems;
  • Manage any change management requirements including the establishment control systems and budgetary impact assessments;
  • Identify, calculate and estimate tax depreciable and non-depreciable items within projects for owners and developers; and
  • Undertake scope audits inclusive of measurement against project briefing and performance indicators.

Commercial Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

At Xmirus we ensure that our Clients are provided with cost management and quantity surveying advice that provides assurance in the profitability and sustainability of their commercial projects and developments.

Even before a site is obtained, we provide appraisals and evaluation reports that allow for informed decisions to be made toward the feasibility of a development and desired return on investment. Within the construction stage we also manage costs, supply chain, procurement and third party suppliers to maximise Client profitability.

Xmirus Clients receive a range of tailored services under an umbrella of commercial cost management & quantity surveying solutions that include:

  • The establishment of Client project cost objectives and budgets, as well as the preparation of indicative estimates and advice on comparative and alternate materials selection;
  • Total and part project cost benefit analysis, inclusive of time related costs and objectives;
  • The preparation of detailed estimates on developed designs including the scoping of comparative and alternative costs across development variations that account for milestone and deliverable date adherence;
  • The establishment and review of contracts as well as the assessment and measurement of procurement and tender requirements that include resource management planning activities;
  • Preparation of documentation relating to third party tendering processes, bills of quantities, trade packages, rate and work schedules as well as the complete tender selection, evaluation and negotiation process;
  • Complete end-to-end cost and contract management and monitoring procedures including cost management documentation, progressive and incremental financial reporting and the development of cost management documentation; and
  • Cash flow management, modeling, forecasting and reviews that additional consider progress payment strategies and full and partial account settlement and assessment requirements.

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