About Xmirus

[ex-mir-us] - Latin for "As a Result of Excellence".

A Strategy for Success

Xmirus Pty Limited (XMIRUS) is a professional management consultancy offering a range of specialist advice and consultancy services to the property, construction and events industries. We are committed to providing an organisation people want to work with when seeking reliable, accurate and valued advice.

We are committed to adjusting our approach and adapting to meet each individual project and Client’s needs. We work collaboratively with our Client and other stakeholders to navigate the multitude of complex interactions between client, authorities, financiers, designers, end users and other stakeholders from concept, through delivery, completion and beyond.

We seek to introduce a compelling business model founded on independence, creativity, flexibility, honesty, trust and integrity, on a national, international and global level.

Our Mantra

Our vision is to provide proactive, entrepreneurial, passionate service to our clients’ and stakeholders while focusing on successful outcomes.

Our Values & Guiding Principles

At the core of our business are values and principles that define how our team are guided for each interaction with our clients. These include that:

  • Our Clients’ interests must always come first in developing strategy.
  • We always utilise our extensive skills, knowledge base and experience to deliver tailor-made services.
  • We always provide independent professional advice.
  • We build solid and maintain enduring domestic, regional and global relationships.
  • We create a trusted relationship that gives our Clients’ confidence in our advice.
  • We always take a long-term view in creating a sustainable business for people.

Sectors & Industries

We work within and across a wide range of sectors, both private and public. Our aim is become an acknowledged leader and subject matter expert in our chosen operating sectors.

Today, members of the XMIRUS team have successfully worked on significant projects across the globe in locations including: Australia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Brasil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Singapore and Trinidad & Tobago.

For more information on how we’ve assisted our clients, please explore our experience and projects sections of our website.

Our Team

XMIRUS Co-Founders and Directors, Bob Richardson and Louise Vlatko have significant experience in all aspects of the property, construction, sport and event sectors, with a combined industry experience of over 75 years.

The XMIRUS “Strategies for Success” philosophy is built on an ability to clearly understand and focus on client drivers and requirements. Having both worked in a range of countries at different stages of a project life cycle of which each project presents unique cultural, political and technical challenges. The Xmirus expertise lies in facilitating the best outcomes for their clients based on their local and international experience.

Xmirus’ Team includes a blend of highly experienced construction, property and event cost management professionals who are focused to delivering on time and on budget. Our ‘hands on’ involvement and experience in all facets of construction and property market sectors enables us to proactively provide the best solutions.

Knowledge Meets Experience

The XMIRUS team know what makes for a successful project and are driven by the success of their previous working relationships. We are committed to using and adapting our existing skills, knowledge and experience as needed for the success of all our projects.

No two projects or events are the same. We recognise that our services need to be tailored to be able to assist our clients in delivering financially successful, functional and sustainable projects and events in any location or environment.

For more information on our experience, be sure to review some of our recent projects and experience.